DUI Attorney Testimonials

San Diego DUI Attorney Testimonials

“I have had the pleasure of working with James on several projects and found his passion for law filled with integrity; James is a man of character and strength. He will fight for you, educate you and protect you even if it means protecting you from yourself. I am so impressed by his excellence that we partnered Bickford Law firm with Lisa Christiansen Companies for mutual interests.”


Lisa Christiansen, Sept 21’2014



“James is a great friend and I am honored to have Bickford Law Firm as my personal legal council”


Ron Jeremy, Nov 18’2013, Los Angeles



My experience with James Bickford was a great one. Being a truck driver my license was very important to me without it I would’ve been unemployed. Thanks to James he was able to keep my license from being suspended so I could continue working and support my family. Hiring James Bickford as my criminal lawyer was the best decision I made for my self. I highly recommend him. Thanks again!


Client 854, Aug 12’2012, San Diego



Great Lawyer ! I hired Mr. Bickford 6 months ago for a DUI and my case is finally over. My charge was reduced to a dry wreckless which was more than I was expecting. Many thanks to James Bickford and team this is the least I can do. Highly recommended attorney ! 5 out of 5 stars all the way!


Client 836, June 5’2012, Northpark



In the middle of my training for the Border Patrol, I got a DUI. My whole life seemed like it was over. I knew that a DUI on my record would get me kicked out of the program. A friend of mine (his client too) referred me to him and I’m glad he did. Money was scarce, but I new that he would do good for me unlike the other attorneys I saw. He made feel confident in his knowledge about DUI’S than “those do everything lawyers”. I knew I was in good hands and he was worth every dollar to save my career. Needless to say, James got the DUI dropped and I’ll soon graduate!!!! Thanks you, James for all you’ve done for me.


James Brant, Nov 5’2011, Bonita. Ca